The hallmark of the Law Firm is certainly that of being at the side of its clients by offering, through constant support, highly qualified assistance and consulting services.

Thanks to her professional experience, the Lawyer Mingrino manages any dispute concerning civil matters.

In other words, to turn to the lawyer Mingrino means to be able to count on a lawyer that not only operates with punctuality, efficiency and precision with reference to everything that comes within the definition of "pure civil law", but which adopts a method aimed at establishing a relationship of trust with each client.


The Firm offers advice and assistance in civil liability matters, with particular reference to professional and contractual responsability and tort law.


The Law Firm Mingrino, thanks to its professionalism, experience and timeliness, allows to obtain in short time the recovery of the defaulted credits, settled in or out of Court.


The Law Firm deals with the problems inherent in the pathological moment of the marriage relationship, carefully taking care of all the tasks that lead to the separation, consensual or judicial, of the spouses and then to the eventual divorce. The Firm also offers services of qualified assistance in relation to other issues related to c.d. family law such as the custody of children and the conclusion of cohabitation agreement pursuant to L. 76/2016.


The Law Firm provides assistance in the area of condominium relationships, including the appeal of the resolutions of shareholders, the injunction of payment of condominium fees, etc.. The Firm also offers services relating to the order for payment of the rent and to the evictions for final lease or for default.


The Law Firm provides in or out of Court in labour law matters, in the public and private sectors. The Firm, in particular, provides assistance and support to both workers and employers.


Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the dynamics inherent in the various aspects of the agreement, the Law Firm is responsible for providing advice and assistance not only at the stage of preparation and drafting of the contract, but also in the withdrawal and termination of contract.